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Skittle in Provence

Provence wines are known and recognized for being bottled in various shaped bottles, especially in recent years, sometimes looking more like bottles of perfume than bottles of wine. It all started in 1960 when the Syndicat de Défense des Côtes de Provence (Côtes de Provence consortium) designed and copyrighted a bottle shape that quickly became iconic and emblematic of Provence. This hourglass shaped bottle is referred to as a flûte à corset (referencing its pinched mid-section), or a skittle (referencing a traditional European bowling game). Its use is not compulsory and is sometimes reserved for wine trading. Rosé wines like sometimes white wines are bottled in white bottles to see their color. Certainly essential in terms of marketing and "facing" on the shelves, it is not necessarily the optimum in terms of wine because UV light is a source of premature oxidation of aromatic compounds (we speak of taste of light ) and for the color of the wine which turns orange faster because of the photo-oxidation of the color pigments (anthocyanins). In addition, the weight of the bottle and its manufacture represent a large part of the carbon footprint of the wine sector. The heavier it is, the more it has an impact on the environment.

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