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Châteaux Crus Classés in Provence

Wine lovers of Great Bordeaux Wines know the classification made in 1855 of the time of Napoleon III for the Universal Exhibition of the same year of the Médoc, Pessac-Léognan and Sauternais wine growers, listing the Châteaux in 5 levels of Grands Crus Classés . This classification was established according to the price levels of the Place of the time (and not necessarily on the intrinsic quality). But did you know that exactly 100 years later, in 1955, the wine producers of Côtes de Provence did the same, much to the dismay of the Bordeaux producers. This classification of then retained 23 castles recognized then as of superior quality. As in Médoc and Sauternes, this classification is attached to the property and not to the wine itself (which is the case in Graves since 1959) or to a particular terroir (which is the case for example in Burgundy and in Alsace). As in the Médoc and the Sauternes, it cannot be revised which is not the case for example today in Saint-Emilion (redesigned every 10 years). Due to takeovers and mergers and acquisitions, there are only 18 of these Châteaux Crus Classés. But the Châteaux of today can only make Cru Classé wine on the lands of the original properties. The 18 Cru Classés Châteaux of today are: Château L'Aumérade, Château de Brégançon, Clos Cibonne, Château de la Clapière, Domaine de la Croix, Château du Galoupet, Domaine du JAs d'Esclans, Château de Mauvanne, Château Minuty, Clos Mireille, Domaine du Noyer, Domaine du Rimauresq , Château Roubine, Château Sainte Marguerite, Château de Saint Martin, Château de Saint Maur, Château Sainte Roseline, Château de Selle. Come with us to visit them!

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